10 Essential Tips To Prevent Dry Skin During Summertime

natural face cream for dry skin

Summer is arriving. Even though summer signifies the return of sundresses, tank tops and shorts in your closet, skin care becomes very important and can be sometimes difficult to manage. You need to stay away from heavy lotions and creams that cause your skin to generate more oil. But not using anything on your skin will make it dry, weak and flaky.

But don’t worry. Check out these below-mentioned ten essential tips to prevent dry skin during summertime and make it healthier.

Use aloe vera gel-based cream

Using natural face cream with aloe vera gel on the face and neck will help in healing and repairing skin cells damaged by excessive exposure to the sun. It acts as a soothing agent. You can also use aloe vera juice in your morning routine for adequate hydration.

Follow the CTM process

Exposure to dust, sun, heat and dirt can damage your skin, ultimately increasing the chances of pigmentation and signs of ageing. Therefore, it’s necessary to follow a particular skincare regimen that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing to ensure a natural, strong glow.

Consume vitamin-rich food

Foods such as carrots, watermelons, cucumbers, etc. are rich in vitamins C and E. Adding them to your regular diet during the summertime will help protect the skin from harmful sun rays and repair damaged skin.

Use glycerin-based cream and lotion

Glycerin-based lotions and creams help in repairing damaged skin cells and keep your face hydrated throughout the day. You can also apply a thin layer of glycerin to your face before bed every day and wash it in the morning.


High temperatures during the summertime can cause internal inflammation in the skin, leading to dizziness. Therefore, it’s important to keep your body and skin hydrated by consuming at least two litres of water every day. You must also avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeine, as it may cause dehydration.

Use natural coconut oil on your skin

Coconut oil is considered a miracle oil for centuries and there are several ways to use it. It can be applied to the problem areas such as the hands, cuticles and joints. You need to rub it on the skin or add a few tablespoons of coconut oil to your bath. This will help make your skin feel incredibly soft.

Protect your lips

The harmful UV rays radiated from the scorching sun during summertime damage sensitive lip tissues. Applying a rich lip balm labelled with SPF 15 or higher regularly will help keep your lips looking refreshing and feel soft.

Use your towel lightly on your skin

Certainly, your towel soaks up very well and is soft on your skin. But applying it vigorously will dry out your skin. Rather, heat after bathing. Let it cool a bit and then apply the ointment. In this way, you will be able to shut off the excess hydration left on your skin, reducing thirst effectively.

Use sunscreen

Using sunscreen on a daily basis before going out of the house will not only protect you from the harmful UV rays from the sun but also prevent it from drying out. It is always important to buy sunscreen according to your skin type. Buy sunscreen if you have oily skin, but go for moisturising sunscreen if you have dry skin. Improper sunscreen installation can lead to more dullness. Use can also use sunscreen sprays on your hair and skin.

Use face packs for moisturisation and hydration

Using natural face packs helps in measuring the moisture content of the skin. A papaya face pack consists of anti-ageing properties. You can also make your own papaya face pack by just blending a few pieces of papaya to make a smooth paste and applying this paste to your face freely. Let it sit for 15 mins, then rinse it with warm water. A yoghurt-based natural face wash is also an effective option if you want to treat your dry skin in summer. Also, do not forget to apply a natural face cream for dry skin after washing off your ace pack. This will help keep the moisture intact in your skin.

The bottom line

It’s been said that “sunshine, refreshment and clothing are the essences of summer”. So wrap up yourself and be very good at taking care of your dry skin this summer and reflect your beautiful light.

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