5 Different Sherwani Styles For Grooms As Per Your Body Type

Different Sherwani Styles

Different Sherwani Styles For Grooms

Choosing the perfect sherwani for your wedding day is crucial, as it sets the tone for your entire look.

Just like any other outfit, the style of your sherwani should complement your body type to ensure you look your best.

Here are five different sherwani styles for grooms, tailored to suit various body types.

1. Straight Cut Sherwani for Tall and Slim Grooms

Tall and slim grooms can carry off a straight cut sherwani with great elegance. This style accentuates height and adds a sleek, sophisticated look.

  • Why It Works: The straight cut follows the natural lines of the body, creating a streamlined appearance.
  • Styling Tips: Opt for intricate embroidery or embellishments to add volume and richness. Pair it with churidars or slim-fit trousers to maintain the sleek look.
  • Colors to Choose: Bold colors like deep maroon, royal blue, or emerald green work well. You can also experiment with patterns and textures.

2. Jacket Style Sherwani for Broad Shouldered Grooms

If you have broad shoulders, a jacket style wholesale sherwani can help balance your proportions. This style features a layered look with a jacket over the kurta, adding depth and dimension.

  • Why It Works: The jacket creates a structured appearance, highlighting your shoulders while providing a tailored fit around the waist.
  • Styling Tips: Choose jackets with subtle embroidery or patterns to avoid overwhelming your frame. Complement with fitted pants for a balanced look.
  • Colors to Choose: Earthy tones like beige, olive green, and classic black can enhance your broad shoulders without drawing too much attention.

3. Achkan Sherwani for Petite and Lean Grooms

Petite and lean grooms can benefit from the achkan sherwani, which is slightly shorter than the traditional sherwani. This style adds height and gives a well-proportioned look.

  • Why It Works: The shorter length elongates the legs and balances the body proportions.
  • Styling Tips: Opt for vertical patterns or light embroidery to add texture without overwhelming your frame. Pair with fitted churidars or slim trousers.
  • Colors to Choose: Lighter shades like pastels, ivory, and light grey can make you appear taller and more robust.

4. Angrakha Sherwani for Muscular and Athletic Grooms

For grooms with an athletic build, the angrakha sherwani is a great choice. This style features an overlapping front panel that ties at the side, highlighting your physique.

  • Why It Works: The overlapping design draws attention to your chest and shoulders, showcasing your muscular build.
  • Styling Tips: Choose fabrics that drape well over your body and avoid heavy embellishments that can add bulk. Stick to a streamlined silhouette.
  • Colors to Choose: Rich hues like navy blue, wine, and classic black enhance your physique. Subtle patterns and textures can also add interest without overpowering the look.

5. Asymmetric Hem Sherwani for Plus-Sized Grooms

Plus-sized grooms can look stunning in an asymmetric hem sherwani. This style features an uneven hemline, which adds a modern twist and draws attention away from the midsection.

  • Why It Works: The asymmetric hem creates a visually interesting look that distracts from any problem areas and adds a slimming effect.
  • Styling Tips: Opt for dark colors and minimal embroidery to create a sleek, elegant look. Pair with straight-cut trousers to maintain balance.
  • Colors to Choose: Darker shades like midnight blue, deep burgundy, and charcoal grey are slimming and stylish. Subtle patterns can also add depth without overwhelming your frame.


Selecting the right sherwani style for your body type can make a significant difference in how you look and feel on your wedding day.

Whether you are tall and slim, broad-shouldered, petite, muscular, or plus-sized, there’s a sherwani style that will complement your physique perfectly.

By choosing a sherwani that suits your body type and pairing it with the right accessories, you can ensure a confident, stylish appearance that will make your special day even more memorable.