Discover the Versatility of Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool

Discover the Versatility of Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool

What is the Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool?

Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool, more precisely the stainless steel peeler Set, belongs to innovative, multifunctional, comfortable, and effective kitchen gadgets. This set includes three different peelers, each designed to perform specific tasks: such operations as peeling, julienning or slicing. Kinds of bowls that can be found in this set are suited for preparing a new salad, stir-fry or garnish.


Specifications of  Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool:


The Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool is made with long-lasting material thinking about its utility at the same time. Measuring 9 x 8. Currently, cooks home peeler is produced by blending Plastic and Stainless Steel and thus, the peeler set meets the requirements of a typical kitchen. The main shell is made of plastic and gives the tool the needed solidity but at the same time makes it lightweight and easily maneuverable. It is ergonomically friendly as it has comfortable grip and that should ideally make the hands tireless after a long use. A cutting tool’s primary requirement is the blade section, and the Edgewarp model uses stainless steel. This is exceptionally sharp, and rust cannot affect the item.

Due to these blades, one is able to peel, julienne, and slice uniformly making them ideal to use in every meal. This combination of materials not only brings improvement to the functions of the tool but also can also make the tool look very new even after periods of use. The magic trio peeler can be considered as an indispensable tool since it is functional and convenient to use in the kitchen for various preparations.

Key Features of the Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool:


The most standing aspect of magic peeler is that it is multi functional. The set includes three distinct peelers: The set includes three distinct peelers:

Straight Peeler:

Perfect if you are in the process of peeling fruits and vegetables without any trouble.

Julienne Peeler:

Ideal for making lengthy, slender slices of vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, for salads, garnishing or even stir fry.


Gripping on the next level is great for chopping vegetables into thin and equal thicknesses.

Quality Craftsmanship:

Sturdily designed, the Magic Trio Peeler Set can be used for a long time and boasts of its quality. The peelers are designed from strong and lasting materials for this to enable the peelers to stay strong even when faced with daily abuse. They are sharp to enable accurate peeling, julienning, and slicing while having a long-life span.

Ergonomic Design:

The professional design of the stainless steel peeler Set includes a comfortable handle that assists in avoiding the hands’ tiredness. The handle placement and shape affords a proper grip and when using the peeler the food items such as fruits and vegetables are easily managed.

Multi-Blade Efficiency:

The design of the multi-blade in the Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool boosts its efficiency in functioning. Every peeler has blades depending on the task that it is assigned for, in order to give you the best and easiest result.

Benefits of Using the Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool:


This peeling tool Set is utensils that will help you shave off time in the kitchen. By peeling, julienning and slicing, your ingredients can be prepared in a jiffy due to Kronen’s efficiency. This is very advantageous for working people who desire fresh meals and yet they feel restricted on time to prepare other meals.

Enhanced Cooking Experience:

In writing about the product, the stainless steel peeler can actually improve one’s cooking because preparation becomes less tiring. Instead of spending a considerable amount of time peeling, julienning or slicing the vegetables, you are able to concentrate on how well you can prepare mouth-watering and well-presented foods.

Consistent Results:

Another benefit that comes with the use of the multifunctional peeler is that one is fashionable to get disappointed as the outcome is always perfect. The cutting edge is well enhanced and made from a strong material so that each slice, Julienne, or peel is well cut and has equal sizes and thickness in order to have well cooked and well presented foods.

Versatile Applications:

The uses of the multifunctional peeler are many because it can be used with quantities of varieties. No matter if you are just making a plain salad, or cooking a fancy stir-fried dish, or even decorating the final dish with some colorful vegetables or fruits, the peeler set will come to the rescue perfectly. Due to the versatility, this tool must be present in each house, specifically, in the kitchen area.

How to use the magic gadget universal kitchen tool?

Operating the peeling tool Magic Trio Peeler Set is easy and does not require much of one’s input. Here’s a quick guide on how to use each peeler: Here’s a quick guide on how to use each peeler:

Straight Peeler:

To use the peeler, you must grip it by the handle and gently slide the defective part over the outer skin of the fruit or the outer layer of the vegetable. This peeler is suitable for use on potatoes, carrots, apples and similar Rhode Island Reds.

Julienne Peeler:

Hold the peeler at the stem side of vegetable and slide down creating streaks of thin and continuous layers of peels. This peeler can be used on many types of vegetables. However, it is most appropriate for peeling carrots, zucchinis, and cucumbers. It is also ideal for preparing other vegetables for salads. Additionally, it works well for garnishes.


Put vegetable or fruit on a solid platform and slide peeler over the surface to make thin and standard juries. This peeler on the picture is suitable for peeling cucumbers, cheese and even chocolate for garnish.

Maintenance and Care multifunctional peeler:

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your swivel peeler set, follow these maintenance and care tips. First, rinse the peelers immediately after use. Dry them thoroughly to prevent rust. Store them in a dry place to keep the blades sharp.

Clean After Each Use:

Wash the peelers with warm water to get rid of the food remnants adhering to their surfaces. Mild dish soap and a soft sponge is appropriate when you need to tighten cleaning to make sure no grime is left behind.

Dry Thoroughly:

When done washing, rinse the peelers thoroughly. Make sure they dry completely to prevent rust and keep the blades sharp.

Store Safely:

Keep the peelers in a dry area of the kitchen. Store them in a utensils drawer or on a utensils showcase. Avoid placing them in damp areas. This helps maximize their longevity. Proper storage ensures they remain in good condition.


The swivel peeler is a perfect addition to your kitchen, as you will see that the opportunities that it opens to you are incredible. They are designed to be used as follows; Firstly, for peeling fruits and vegetables and secondly for creating garnishes, and finally as a scooper for delectable foods to be served on the table. The product in consideration is simply not a set of peelers as it is far more than that; I like to refer to it as the ergonomic handle since it is going to make a huge difference in your kitchen and the way you cook.

Live with Smart Kitchen and improve your cuisine with the Magic Trio Peeler Set for a better performance today. Wave farewell to time-consuming kitchen work and greet culinary perfectly sliced meals, julienned, and peeled. Use the Magic Gadget Universal Kitchen Tool to make your work easier and more fun in the kitchen. Come and purchase the product today.