Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market to Grow with a CAGR of 6.73% through 2028

According to TechSci Research report, “Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market –  Industry Size, Share, Trends, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2028”, the  Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market has valued at USD 821.3 million in 2022 and is anticipated to project robust growth in the forecast period with a CAGR of 6.73% through 2028.

The Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market has witnessed significant recent developments that are shaping its growth trajectory. These developments are driven by evolving industry needs, sustainability initiatives, and technological advancements. One of the most notable recent developments is the increasing focus on sustainability within the packaging industry. Adhesives and sealants manufacturers are responding to this demand by developing eco-friendly formulations. Water-based adhesives and solvent-free sealants are gaining prominence due to their reduced environmental impact and compliance with stricter regulations. Consumers and businesses alike are seeking packaging solutions that minimize waste and support recycling efforts.

The adoption of smart packaging solutions is on the rise in Europe. This trend involves the incorporation of technologies like RFID tags, QR codes, and sensors into packaging materials. Adhesives and sealants are crucial for securely affixing these components to packaging surfaces, ensuring their functionality throughout the product’s lifecycle. Smart packaging enhances product traceability, consumer engagement, and safety.

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With the growth of e-commerce, there is a growing need for specialized packaging solutions. Adhesives and sealants are integral to creating secure and tamper-evident packaging for online retail. The convenience and protection provided by these solutions are essential in meeting the unique challenges of e-commerce, such as secure sealing of packages during transit.

End-user industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automotive, are increasingly seeking customized adhesive and sealant solutions. Manufacturers are responding by offering tailored products to meet specific packaging needs. This customization supports industries with unique requirements, driving the adoption of specialized adhesives and sealants.

The industry is witnessing consolidation through mergers and acquisitions. Companies are expanding their product portfolios and geographical reach through strategic acquisitions. This trend enhances competitiveness and innovation within the market, as companies seek to provide comprehensive solutions to their customers.

In summary, recent developments in the Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market reflect a strong emphasis on sustainability, technological innovation, and meeting the unique requirements of evolving industries like e-commerce and smart packaging. These developments are shaping the market’s growth trajectory, offering opportunities for manufacturers to align with changing consumer and industry demands.

The  Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market is segmented into type, technology, end user, regional distribution, and company.

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Based on the end user,  the Food & Beverage segment is poised to dominate the Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market for several compelling reasons. The food and beverage industry are one of the largest and most essential sectors in the European economy. It encompasses a vast range of products, including packaged foods, beverages, snacks, and more. Packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the safety, integrity, and freshness of these products. Adhesives and sealants are integral components in creating packaging solutions that can withstand the challenges of transporting and storing food and beverages.

Germany stands out as the dominant consumer of adhesives and sealants in the European region, and several key factors contribute to its leading position. The country benefits from a robust automotive manufacturing sector, increasing construction activities, and thriving end-user industries such as packaging, aerospace, and healthcare.

Germany boasts the largest construction industry in Europe, and significant initiatives like the Digital Park Fechenheim construction project in Frankfurt-Fechenheim underscore the country’s commitment to infrastructure development. With a substantial investment of USD 1,179 million and an expected completion date of Q4 2028, this project reflects Germany’s dedication to advancing its construction sector.

The country’s prominence in e-commerce, driven by a high percentage of online shoppers and internet users, positions it as one of Europe’s most significant markets for packaging production. In 2021, Germany recorded approximately EUR 99.1 billion in online sales, a notable increase from the previous year, indicating substantial growth potential in the packaging industry.

Major companies operating in  Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market are:

  • Sika Ag
  • Bostik SA
  • Arkema SA.
  • 3M Co
  • Dow Chemical Company

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“The Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market is experiencing dynamic growth driven by several key factors. The dominance of the Food & Beverage segment, marked by a robust and diverse industry, underscores the importance of adhesives and sealants in ensuring the safety and integrity of products. Additionally, the industry’s increasing focus on sustainability is fostering the development of eco-friendly adhesive formulations, with water-based and solvent-free options gaining prominence.

Smart packaging solutions, incorporating RFID tags, QR codes, and sensors, are becoming integral, enhancing product traceability and safety. The surge in e-commerce has created a demand for specialized packaging solutions, further highlighting the significance of adhesives and sealants in securing packages during transit.

Customization is a key trend as industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and automotive seek tailored solutions. Moreover, mergers and acquisitions are reshaping the market landscape, driving innovation and competitiveness.

Overall, the Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market is poised for sustained growth, shaped by sustainability, technological advancements, and a commitment to meeting the evolving demands of diverse industries,” said Mr. Karan Chechi, Research Director with TechSci Research, a research-based management consulting firm.

Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market Size by Product (Adhesive, Sealant), By Technology (Water-Based, Pressure, Hot Melt), By End User (Food & Beverage, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Healthcare, Others), By Country, Competition, Forecast and Opportunities, 2028”, has evaluated the future growth potential of  Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market and provides statistics & information on market size, structure and future market growth. The report intends to provide cutting-edge market intelligence and help decision makers take sound investment decisions. Besides, the report also identifies and analyzes the emerging trends along with essential drivers, challenges, and opportunities in  Europe Packaging Adhesives & Sealants Market.


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