Free Unlimited Youtube to MP3 Converters for Mobile

Youtube to mp3 Converters

Have you liked listening to songs on your mobile phone? Definitely answer is yes because we all love to listen to songs on mobile phones. We download many songs from youtube or from other platforms so we can listen to them when we want. In this free unlimited youtube to mp3 converters for a mobile article, you get different types of converter tools that convert youtube videos into music format. There are many tools available on the internet that easily convert youtube videos into different formats such as mp3 audio, mp4 video, wav, and others. 

1. Mp3juice

Mp3juice is a youtube to mp3 converter tool that can convert and download youtube videos into music format. It’s simple to use mp3juice on mobile and pc both devices because of a simple interface and layout. Users can download unlimited youtube audio with the help of this mp3juice tool. Mp3juice supports various 9+ languages so you can access it from different languages. In this tool, you have two ways to download youtube videos into mp3 formats like first copy the video URL from Facebook, and second search music query from the given input search option. Without an internet connection you can not use mp3juice so when you need it then check your internet connection first. 

Download Process:

  • Open the tool from the browser
  • Search music name or paste a video link
  • Select a video for the conversion process
  • Then click on the download button 
  • Wait to complete the download process
  • Open music files from different music player

2. Yt5s

Another tool we discuss in the unlimited youtube to mp3 converters article is yt5s. You can check out this tool from your mobile or pc devices at any time. The interface is simple where you can easily find out every detail about the game. Yt5s has various features which make the user’s first choice such as security for use, always be free to download music files, and support various formats such as MP4, MP3, WMA, FLV, WEBM, MO, and others. With this tool, you also can download Facebook videos in different languages. 

Download Process:

  • Open the tool on a mobile browser
  • Search music query and press the convert button
  • Select the audio file and click on that
  • Select audio quality and click on get link button
  • After clicking on the download button to download the audio file

3. Yt1s

Yt1s is a simple Video downloader tool that works the same as the above mp3 juice tool where you can download unlimited times youtube videos into mp3 audio format. Using this tool you can convert video into different formats such as WMA, FLV, MP3, MP4, WEBM, and others. 20+ languages are supported on this tool. This converter tool is completely safe for use and you do not need to register on your devices.  

Download Process:

  • Open yt1s website on browser
  • Search the audio name and click on the convert button
  • Select a video or audio format with a quality option
  • Then click on the given download button
  • Download process was completed in a few seconds 
  • Listen to mp3 files in high-quality