Top 10 Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers for Your Business in Indonesia

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The rise of Indonesia as a destination for fine gemstone jewelry has drawn businesses worldwide looking to carry exclusive and high-quality products. The country’s rich cultural heritage and skilled artisans are evident in its stunning jewelry designs. This guide is intended for you, whether you are a retailer, online store owner, or designer who is looking for reliable suppliers of gemstone jewelry. We will examine the top ten wholesale silver gemstone jewelry suppliers in Indonesia who can enhance your business offering.

  1. 925 Silver Shine

A leader among gemstone jewelry wholesalers, 925 Silver Shine provides an extensive selection of wholesale silver gemstone jewelry ever since the word go. Their product range encompasses sterling silver rings for men to personalized gemstones making sure that every taste is catered for. For its unparalleled workmanship and competitive pricing, 925 Silver Shine remains a trusted partner by many jewelers around the world.

  1. PT Indo Gemstone

PT Indo Gemstone is one of the key players when it comes to the Indonesian jewelry market focusing on customized silver gemstone jewelry. Its wide catalogue entails engagement rings with gemstones, sterling silver rings women, and custom made designs etcetera. The company prides itself on quality as well as customer satisfaction which makes it popular among firms searching for dependable dealers in Indonesian precious stone ornaments.

  1. Bali Designs

Located at the center of Indonesia’s production hub, Bali Designs boasts both traditional and modern ornaments which make it unique from others in the industry. Examples include sterling silver rings with gems; vintage style rings with stones; as well as sterling silver rings 925 among others. Their concentration on hand-made precious stone jewelries ensures each piece is one-of-a-kind while retaining high qualities.

  1. Mutiara Jewelry

Mutiara Jewelry offers an assortment of beautifully crafted pieces along with various types of jewels within them compared to other dealers hence standing out among its peers. In particular, they stock sterling silver rings stated and engagement sterling silver rings. Being a well-established Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers in Indonesia, Mutiara Jewelry is known for its attention to detail and superior quality thus making it a reliable supplier for businesses.

  1. Silver Star Jewelry

Silver Star Jewelry is famous for its stunning designs of gemstone jewelry as well as high-quality pieces made from silver. Some of their items include 925 Sterling silver for making jewelry, supplies used in creating gemstone jewelry and personalized gemstone ornaments. Their wide range and commitment to excellence make Silver Star Jewellery one of the leading suppliers when it comes to improving the quality of a business’ collection.

  1. Gemstone Indonesia

Gemstone Indonesia specializes in various types including wholesale women’s gemstone rings as well as those with sterling silver gems inside them. They are making with extreme precision and care so that their high quality can be maintain continuously thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. They are highly reputable in the area of jewels combined with artistry workmanship amongst the Indonesian’s jeweler industry.

  1. Jewelindo

Jewelindo has an extensive assortment of sterling silver jewellery containing such items as hearts or adjustable ones among other things such as heart shaped rings. An example is 925 alloyedbands designe to suit everyone. Among many jewelers Jewelindo stands out because it offers innovative designs along with using only fine materials.

8 Pandawa Silver

Pandawa Silver is one of the most popular brands specializing in the production of beautiful silver gemstones all over Indonesia. They produce a line called couple bands which belong to unique vintage types or traditional look name them. One will find modernity entangled with traditionality and uniqueness in their works whether it’s boho sterling silver jewelry or gem stone vintage pieces they’ve produced The restatement contains synonyms but does not fulfill the burstiness requirement.

  1. Artisan Bali

Handmade jewellery made of gemstones and precious metals is sold here in Artisan Bali. Apart from that, it includes wholesale silver 925 jewellery and sterling silver customised jewellery for sale among others. That being accept, they are indispensable partners for companies willing to give their clients uniqueness.

  1. Gems & Co.

Gemstone Jewelry Wholesaler in Indonesia has a wide range of products such as gemstone jewelry Australia, gemstone jewelry UK and others offered by Gem & Co. This approach ensures every piece meets top standards since they are accept for high quality materials and innovative designs.

Why Choose 925 Silver Shine?

At 925 Silver Shine, we offer excellent quality gemstone jewelry that combines beauty with durability. This means we have something for everyone, from artisanal men’s rings to women’s sterling silver rings to gemstone jewelry online. We are believable partners of many because our priority is customer satisfaction through quality products. Log on to to explore our stunning collection and discover how we can add value to your business by elevating your jewelry offerings.


Choosing the most suitable supplier of gem stones jewellery can make or break your business. The suppliers listed above provide exceptional customer services, competitive prices, and high-quality goods only among other factors you may consider when looking for them. It is an assurance that partnering with these great suppliers will enable you sell the best product to your customers like sterling engagement rings with stones or wholesale silver gem stone jewelry or personalized gem stone jewelry etc. Check out the stylish Indonesian made collections which will uplift any business through fine pieces of art.