Getting Found Online: Why Shopify SEO Matters

Shopify SEO

Having an online store is great, but if customers can’t easily find your website, it’s really hard to make sales. SEO helps your Shopify store show up as one of the top results when people search for related products or services. The higher you rank in search engines like Google, the more buyers you can drive to your ecommerce website.

Search is huge, most people turn to search engines first when looking to make a purchase online. In fact, over 60% of shopping journeys now start with a search query. If your Shopify products don’t appear on the first couple of pages of results, you are basically invisible to the vast majority of potential customers out there. Shopify SEO experts from MakkPress Technologies are known for creating Shopify SEO-tailored strategies to boost brand visibility. 

The good news is that Shopify is an SEO-friendly platform right out of the box. However, many optimization techniques and best practices must be followed to maximize your search performance. 

Shopify SEO Explained Simply

SEO covers a variety of strategies related to optimizing your website’s structure, content, and other factors to increase visibility in search results. For a Shopify store, key areas of SEO focus on:

  • Keyword research to identify search terms customers use
  • Creating optimized product listings, descriptions, and sales copy
  • Optimizing URLs, titles, headers, and image alt text
  • Building an internal linking structure between related products/categories
  • Earning backlinks from other reputable websites
  • Improving page load speeds and mobile user experience
  • Optimizing for local search visibility if you have physical store locations

If this all sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry! Hiring Shopify SEO experts is an option to get professional guidance tailored to your business’s needs. Or you could enlist a Shopify virtual assistant to help implement many of the SEO tasks and recommendations.

No matter what route you choose, SEO should definitely be prioritized from the beginning when launching a new Shopify store. It’s much easier to bake in optimization than to go back and try to overhaul an existing site that was poorly optimized.

The good news is that consistent SEO effort pays off hugely in the long run by compounding over time. As you improve rankings and organic search visibility, you can generate highly targeted traffic at a very low cost compared to other marketing channels. SEO is all about getting your products found.

Shopify SEO Techniques to Boost Rankings

So, what are some of the most important SEO strategies for a Shopify store? While full optimization covers many areas, here are some of the key techniques to focus on:

Keyword Research: 

Identify the search terms and phrases potential customers use related to your products. Integrate these keywords naturally throughout page titles, descriptions, headings, URLs, and body copy. Doing thorough keyword research upfront is crucial.

On-Page Optimization:

Optimize every aspect of your product and content pages, including titles, URLs, header tags, image alt text, internal linking, and more. Follow on-page SEO best practices to maximize relevance.

Unique Product Descriptions:

Don’t use duplicate manufacturer descriptions. Write custom, detailed, and keyword-optimized product descriptions that differentiate your offerings and provide value to shoppers. Unique content is rewarded.

Local SEO Optimization:

If you have physical retail store locations, optimize online listings and citations to improve visibility in local (“near me”) search results within the geographic areas you serve.

Mobile-Friendly Design:

With the majority of web traffic now coming from mobile devices, having a responsive Shopify theme design displaying perfectly on smartphones is essential for SEO.

Content Marketing:

Consistently publishing relevant, high-quality content like blog posts, videos, and guides helps build topical authority, earn backlinks, and rank well in search engines. An evergreen content strategy is key.

Fast Page Loads:

Since site speed is a major ranking factor, prioritize optimizing for fast load times across your Shopify store. Consider using a Shopify speed optimization service to ensure an ultra-fast, smooth user experience.

Link Building:

Earning authoritative backlinks from other trusted websites is a strong signal that your online store and content are valuable. Pursuing editorial links is ideal versus buying paid links.

Technical Website Optimization:

This area of SEO focuses on optimizing the non-content parts of your website to ensure search engines can properly find, understand, and analyze all your pages and products. It covers things like your site’s architecture and internal linking, URLs, sitemaps that list all your pages, files that give instructions to search engines, code markup for enhanced listings, and more. 

Final Thoughts

SEO doesn’t produce overnight results, but consistent optimization pays off with compounding growth over time. With some upfront investment and sustained effort, SEO allows you to drive highly targeted organic traffic to your Shopify store at a low cost per acquisition. It provides an outstanding long-term return for ecommerce brands.

Additionally, top brands hire Shopify SEO experts from MakkPress Technologies, an eCommerce marketing agency specializing in boosting brand digital presence through top SEO strategies. With MakkPress Technologies, you can achieve better results and upgrade in your sore ranking, as MakkPress have over 13 years of expertise in this niche that make it the perfect option for your brand.