Is It Necessary To Use A Poker Card Guard?

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Whether a poker player is a logical or a mathematical person, everyone looks for an extra edge when it comes to bringing luck to their side of the table. Using a poker card guard has become a way of expressing some individuality and persona at the poker table, along with an attempt to bring luck from the poker gods. A card guard may be anything from the player’s favourite sci-fi character to a coin representing a well-known soccer team. They add a personality to the player’s game.

The purpose behind using a poker card guard

Most poker players use card guards in a live poker game because they believe that protectors have some significant personal meaning to them. On the other hand, the object sitting on top of a player’s cards may also be a bit of fun, unrelated to the rules of the game. Some players also believe that a bit of rub of that card guard will create magic in their cards and enhance their luck.

Whether that happens or not, the concept of lucky card guards definitely adds to the unique personality and culture within the poker game. Another practical purpose of a card guard in poker is that they follow an essential rule on the table. Every player has the responsibility to protect the set of cards in their hands and adding an object on top of their cards will make it difficult for the dealer to believe the hand has been folded and slide them into the muck.

Is a poker card protector really useful?

There are usually two types of poker players when considering the usefulness of poker card guards. Several modern poker players do not prefer using card guards and believe them to be of no use. Whereas, on the other hand, there are many players who swear by their card protectors.

There is no scientific explanation for poker card guards helping people to earn more. Apparently, it is very hard to explain luck and the concept may not be logical as well, as you don’t know when you will or won’t have it. Some players also like to bring up good energy to the table by using a fun card protector on top of their cards. If you are the kind of player who does not who do not prefer using poker card guards, try not to antagonize other players for using them.

Why it’s necessary to be careful when using card guards?

The only particular uncertainty regarding the use of card guards is that you may not use them the same way in every hand. In this way, live poker players could use to get a read on you. This has been widely researched and concluded by big-time poker coaches and players.

Many players forget to use a card protector when holding a marginal poker hand and expect to fold on the flop or turn. This might not be something you must be doing. Several players also show up their card protectors when they have a strong hand and may even think of folding it before the action is on them.

For the most part, it is recommended to not even look at your cards before the action is on you, especially not putting your card protector on them before you have acted. You should always act the same way with your card protector. Either use it every time you are going to play a hand or do not use it at all. Using the card guard in any other way may end up disclosing the strength of your hand to your more observant opponents, which is something you must definitely avoid at all costs.

Keep your cards safe, but also learn to play well

Using casino card guards for enhancing your luck is a good option, but luck is not everything. They are not something that will make you a great poker player. At the end of the day, it’s not about which card guard you use. The thing that actually matters is whether you are playing your cards better than your opponents.

Though, using a card protector will definitely increase your level of enjoyment while playing and add up to your personality as well. If you want to buy yourself a card guard, the One Eyed Jack website is your one-stop solution. They provide a wide range of premium metal card guards to protect your cards better and showcase your persona.