Must-Have Qualities Of A Good Finance Speaker

financial motivational speakers

While hiring finance speakers, you must be looking for someone who can weave information and storytelling together effectively. Many think that financial speakers are usually dull or bland, but that’s not true. In reality, while choosing a financial speaker for your event you are searching for someone who can impress your audience members.

Another thing to keep in mind is that financial speakers are only suitable for specific events. Therefore it is important to understand your audience, the need of your event and the expectations. Although it makes sense to spend extravagantly on high-profile speakers, it is all about the real value you share with your audience. So before hiring, tap into your speaker’s unique perspective and let the need of your audience be your true guide.

Essential Qualities Of Finance Speakers

A financial speaker is one who can analyse current market trends and interpret them in certain ways that audiences with different financial literacy levels can easily relate to and understand. Financial speakers should also be able to make informed predictions about future market matters and leave organisations and individuals with actionable steps for making sound financial decisions.

The best financial speakers possess the unique quality of engaging the audience through stories, real-life examples and a passion for finance. Below mentioned are some must-have qualities of a good finance speaker.

  • Past Speaking Experience

The first thing to look out for in your finance speaker is to check whether they have any past speaking experience in finance-related industries. This may include tech, mortgages or something else aligned with your company. It is not enough to take the speaker’s word for it as anyone can paint themself as a trusted financial speaker or thought leader online.

In the real world, actions speak louder than words. So before choosing a financial speaker for your event, find out whether they have any past experience speaking in financial events and can resonate with your audience. You can also try to get references for the same. Reaching out to these references yourself is one of the best ways to get unfiltered recommendations and feedback.

  • Social Proof From Financial Organisations

In today’s world, it is necessary to make sure that your speaker has valuable social proof. It is referred to any psychological or social phenomenon where people try to copy their behaviour. It is a form of social influence. As a marketing tool, it is unbelievably influential and powerful.

In general ways, the more someone is visible online or in person, the better. While you do not necessarily need to hire the biggest name you can find online, social proof does matter. When your event is backed by leveraging social proof, this influences your organisation or brand as well. Finance speakers will help promote the event, follow up with audience members and build excitement.

  • Credibility In Finance Industries

Credibility is another important factor to check out while choosing a financial speaker. You can look out for certifications, speaking experience, as well as professional experience in finance-related industries. It is often hard to find someone who can balance both financial and speaking skills. Both of these are separate things, but it is necessary to have both to become a successful financial speaker.

Ideally, financial speakers have experience working within the financial space. Whether they got their start at an insurance company or in commercial banking, they must know their stuff. On the other hand, they must also know how to apply outside knowledge within a finance space. From financial technology to marketing, there are several overlapping services and areas of expertise.

  • Alignment With Your Event Goals And Messaging

Your speaker must align with your event’s key messaging and goals. If they are unable to do the same, your audience won’t listen. Most importantly, the audience will not be able to remember anything during the presentation. Experienced speakers adjust their messaging and topics to suit the specific audience. Motivational speeches are way far from one-size-fits-all.

Your financial motivational speakers must represent your brand and ethics on stage. They play an important role in your success. For your brand extension, you need to be working towards the same goals. If the speaker feels like the right fit for your brand, you are on the right track.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, doing your research will pay off when it comes to finding the right finance speaker for your event and organisation. Especially in this space, you need to make sure that your speaker really knows what they are doing. This resembles more than just sharing expertise. An ideal finance speaker should know how to entertain the audience along with balancing the right amount of charisma. When your speaker is excited about the event and its goals, this directly affects the energy of your audience as well.

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