Online MBA Programs: Origins and Scope

Online MBA Programme: Origins and Scope

It all started with the need to reach out to more people and be accessible from any location. Online classes in the past decade evolved from a few institutes to almost being used by every institution that is an education provider.

That’s how a popular degree like an MBA became online as the need of the hour. Online MBA Programs are becoming mainstream especially post-pandemic ever since online education became mainstream in the second half of the decade from pioneers such as Byju’s, Great Learning, Vedantu, etc.

This led to universities such as Amity, Manipal, Jain, etc. to adopt online education as a new outlet of imparting education creating a new digital infrastructure for online universities. Online MBAs seem to be at the forefront of online degrees.

Origin of Online MBA

An online MBA degree is a multi-faceted course involving management, human resources, finance, business structure, accounting, general business, corporate structure, and many more.

It’s meant for those who strive to become management leaders in diverse roles making big decisions in the boardroom and conference. They are meant to put the company’s goals ahead of their personal goals as an employee and maintain the growth of the company.

Their decisions have a huge impact on the market and corporate dynamics concerning the company itself. With the need for more management professionals to fill out these impactful roles for companies to function towards growth and influence in the spheres of the business world, an online MBA degree facilitates this demand by opening itself up in the digital space and accommodate those who can’t get into a regular offline program.

Hence, many executive MBAs have become optimized as instead of moving near an executive MBA institute and getting a job nearby, the student can continue the existing and attend online classes from a whole other city.

Scope of Online MBA

Ever since 2018, UGC declared that regular education degrees will be on par with both online and distance degrees. This major step has validated the existence of both online and distance degrees.

Now getting an online MBA degree will open avenues for the ones who couldn’t access it due to job constraints or lack of time. Premier recruiters in the country have accepted students who have an online MBA degree.

In some of the institutes providing management education, students who take an executive MBA as an online mode are provided placements by their institute.

Online MBA is going to be mainstream and even universities with the right accreditation such as WES, will provide online MBA degrees which will be accepted abroad.

With the hopes and dreams of future management professionals towards a bright future due to the availability of online MBA, a diverse range of professionals might get churned into the industry.

Why College Vidya?

College Vidya has been vital among ed-tech start-ups in promoting the advent of online education in universities. More than just assisting a student to choose the right university for themselves, it has created an ecosystem where the online mode of education is normalized.

Based on the parameters required in choosing a university, the student gets to choose according to their needs and requirements. That’s where the compare feature comes into play.

This compare feature uses parameters to list out based on what suits the student more and that helps in choosing the right university.

College Vidya has a team of more than 500 counselors who are involved in assisting students who are trying to find online universities/colleges to study.

These counselors are experts in guiding through the pre-admission process, admission, and post-admission process.

Along with that, the counselor helps in making decisions in choosing universities with better insights and research.

College Vidya Community is where a student gets to network with a network of online learning students. Adding to that, since online classes feel like a one-to-one class which makes the student feel alone, there is a solution to this.

Through the College Vidya community, the students get to connect with peers from the same class and seniors of the same course. Networking with alumni and industry experts is another takeaway of the College Vidya community.


With the online MBA degree itself being a popular degree to pursue, entering the online space has made it more accessible to the ones who dreamed of pursuing an MBA but getting a good MBA degree involved limited seats in the regular mode.

But now, more avenues have opened up for the ones who couldn’t join before due to not getting selected or other circumstances.

The odds of getting into an MBA program have become higher. Since UGC in 2018, declared that all regular, online, and distance programs will be given equal importance for a qualification, getting a job through an online MBA degree is possible.

This acceptance has created a new ecosystem for online degrees to thrive and flourish more.