What Are The Major Benefits of Online DBA Programs?

What Are The Major Benefits of Online DBA Programs

Professionals often pursue postgraduate degrees to enhance job prospects and expand their management knowledge in today’s dynamic corporate world. The Doctor of Business Administration (Online DBA) is one of these highly sought-after degree programs.

The availability of this course in online mode has increased the accessibility of earning a DBA for working professionals globally. Previously, this degree could only be obtained through on-campus programs.

Although, an online DBA program is not offered in India as it is not recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). However, it does not mean that completing it from an accredited foreign university will not be recognized in India. Nonetheless, this degree will open new career doors for you in the global job market including India. After reading this post, you will be well-versed with all the information on the online DBA program.

What Is an Online DBA Program?

The highest degree in the business administration field that makes learners put more focus on applying theoretical knowledge to real-world business problems is the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). By launching it in online modes, the universities have provided an easy way for professionals in their mid-career to improve their leadership, strategic thinking, and managerial talents flexibly.

Applicants to this course might choose to specialize in particular business sectors that match their interests and career aspirations. Through a long specialization list, students can build specialized skills, obtain in-depth knowledge of a variety of industry-relevant topics, and differentiate themselves in the highly competitive global job market.

When a candidate completes the online DBA program successfully, they will be allowed to add the “Dr.” title to their names, much like in a Ph.D. program.

Who Can Apply For a DBA Program Online?

All the mid and senior-level business executives who wish to be a part of the board of directors of their organization or wish to serve their company in a CXO position are the main audience of this program. Their high experience and clarity of fundamentals are utilized in this program for learning the advanced technical aspects.

In general, professionals with 3-10 years of experience can apply for this online doctorate program right after graduation without having to pass any entrance exam.

Major Benefits of a DBA Program Online

Those who take part in an online DBA program can have a productive career. This is because the program offers numerous benefits, including worldwide exposure, applicable information, and knowledge of research methodologies. The following are some of the main advantages of an online DBA program:

  • The program provides the freedom working professionals need to complete a doctorate program at their own learning pace.
  • It is a 3-year doctoral degree program that adds a “Dr.” title to your name at a faster pace than a Ph.D.
  • The program is offered by international universities which gets you the alumni tag of it by studying from the comfort of your home.
  • With the program’s long list of specializations, students have plenty of options for altering their careers.
  • An online DBA can be obtained at a reasonable price, saving you the living expenses associated with studying overseas.
  • It provides students with an international opportunity to collaborate with highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty members.
  • A foreign university accredited to offer an online DBA program has the same standing and value as a Ph.D. program.
  • Students completing an online DBA program can add “Dr.” to their name.
  • Students of any age can apply for it as there is no upper age limit.

Is an Online DBA Right for You?

Considering the cut-throat competition of the industry, doing something that makes you stand out in the crowd is always worth it. As a business executive, you will feel that your growth has stuck after a certain point. In this situation, you will have to upskill your knowledge with a trending higher-level program like DBA.

An online DBA will make your experience years countable by providing some amazing outcomes of prefixing a “Dr.” title to your name and access to the CXO level designations. These offerings make this flexible doctorate program right for your career.

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Career Opportunities After a DBA Program Online

After you have completed an online DBA program from a recognized foreign university, you will have a plethora of job opportunities not only in the corporates but as a lecturer as well. Here are a few titles you can get.

  • Logistician: Average annual salary package: 4-5 LPA
  • Organizational Development Manager: Average annual salary package: 8.3 LPA
  • Entrepreneur: Average annual salary package: 8.25 LPA
  • Business Consultant: Average annual salary package: 9.2 LPA
  • Professor: Average annual salary package: 10.4 LPA
  • Project Manager: Average annual salary package: 12.5 LPA
  • Human Resource Director: Average annual salary package: 28 LPA
  • C-Level Roles: Average annual salary package: 30 LPA

Is There Any Platform For Finding Universities Offering DBA Program?

The first step in enrolling in an online DBA program will be to select a reputable university that offers it. College Vidya is an online education platform that can help you with this task.

With College Vidya’s AI tool, find a globally recognized online university in just two minutes.

Their knowledgeable counseling experts will answer your questions and assist you in reaching a decision.

Through their post-admission services, you can continue to receive technical support from them even after admission.

From the start of your program, you’ll have access to their job and internship portal, giving you an early look at market opportunities.

The package of post-admission services will include this service. Join their CV Community to network with global faculty and online students.


In conclusion, a doctorate program in business administration might sound out of reach for you but with an online DBA, you now have the chance to do it while fulfilling your regular commitments. After going through all the major benefits mentioned in this article, you can easily make up your mind to opt for one in your area of interest.